Creating habitat in your creek

If you have a creek on your property, you can expect to see some great wildlife. As you know, water is necessary for life, and your creek may be the only drinking water in the area for many animals. There are a number of simple steps that you can take to make this great resource even more beneficial to wildlife. Identify habitat requirements in short supply Habitat provides sources of food, water, shelter, and space. Just to keep things tricky, not all animals like the same type of habitat. When looking at a creek as habitat, the more diverse the creek and its surroundings, the greater it will be for a diverse mix of species. If you have a creek that has no change in flow, no shade, and is i

Kids: Fossils of SW Ohio

Sections: What is a fossil? Why are fossils important? How old are our fossils? How did our fossils form? Why can we find fossils in SW Ohio? Who are the fossils? Help with Rock, Fossil, or Mineral Identification Where can I find fossils? Great fossil resources What is a fossil? Fossils are not a bunch of rocks with animal parts stuck to them. They are also not just a bunch of dinosaur bones. Generally speaking, fossils are evidence of past life. This is the preserved remains, or traces of remains, of ancient animals and plants. Yes, this could involve rocks or bones, but it can also involve amber, tar, ice, and more. Fossils provide us with information about the past. For example, our fossi

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