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Erosion & Sediment Control 

The Butler SWCD Natural Resource Specialists are available to help address private property issues such as sediment pollution, erosion control, drainage problems and pond/basin management. Butler SWCD was a valued contributor to the Butler County Erosion and Sediment Control Standards which parallel federal and state requirements established within the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). 


Help protect local natural resources during all phases of development by learning about our local construction general permits, administered by the Butler County Stormwater District. 


In addition to private property assistance, Butler SWCD participates in a variety of stormwater projects and programs including: 

Residential Erosion 

Residential erosion can be an issue for either the homeowner, Home Owners Association (HOA) or a local Stormwater District to address. 


Butler SWCD is able to provide technical assistance related to identifying erosion issues, who the responsibility falls on, and possible solutions. Solutions can vary between "natural" or man-made and will consequentially come with differing price ranges. 


If you think your property may be experiencing damage due to erosion, feel free to call our office to set up an appointment for a site visit. Available at our facility are hard copies of brochures related to stream bank stabilization and stormwater ditch maintenance. Find digital copies of the streambank stabilization materials below. 

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