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Urban Technical Assistance

The District staff assist homeowners with technical advice on a variety of issues, Butler County with natural resource reviews of certain development, and also provides conservation items for sale. See this homeowners guide for an overview of the following, or click below for more details about a specific topic.
Have an environmental concern but not sure who to call? Check out our flow chart here to help direct you to the right contact. Also scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on local contacts here in the county.

Butler SWCD provides techincal advice on pond construction and maintenance, along with hosting an annual pond clinic.   Learn more...

Erosion issues with tributaries, creeks, streams, rivers and drainage ditches impact up and downstream residents. Contact Butler SWCD for assistance with local erosion inquiries.  Learn more...

Drainage problems can be on your land or in your basement. Most drainage complaints involve private property therefore must be handled as a civil matter. Butler SWCD is available for consultation on drainage issues.   Learn more...

Butler SWCD partners with OSU Extension to provide discounted soil sampling. Learn more...

Butler SWCD has Rain Barrels and DIY Rain Barrel Kits for purchase. We also host workshops to educate county residents about construction, installation, maintenance or rain barrels.  Learn more...

Rain gardens not only can be aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as a stormwater BMP by collecting rainwater from impervious surfaces. An example rain garden has been planted outside the Butler SWCD office. Learn more...

Drinking and well water testing are available through numerous labs within the region (see contractors list)


Butler County Stream Team is a volunteer based stream monitoring program that monitors local rivers monthly.  Learn more...

Compost bins are available for purchase at the Butler SWCD office. Butler SWCD also provides composting workshops and information focusing on both traditional composting as well as worm composting.  Learn more...

Butler SWCD acts as a collection point to milkweed seed pods for a state wide monarch initiative. We also have information on when and how to plant milkweed on your property. Learn more...

Butler SWCD provides technical advice on erosion on streambanks and other natural drainage courses. Learn more...

For questions related to enforcement and permissible uses, please contact these local regulatory authorities & agencies: 


Butler County Engineers Office Website | Phone: 513-867-5744

  • Erosion & sediment control requirements

  • Stormwater infrastructure (culverts, basins, storm drains etc.)

  • Property lines, easements, right-of-ways

Butler County Water & Sewer Department | Website | Phone: 513-887-3066

  • Water utility issues and billing

  • Drinking water and wastewater

Butler County Building and Zoning (Planning Department) | Website | Phone: 513-887-3205

  • Zoning, building permits, earth moving permit, lot Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) permit, etc.

  • Floodplain management

Butler County Health Department | Website | Phone: 513-863-1770

  • Septic treatment system issues and testing

  • Well water testing

Butler County OSU Extension Office | Website | Phone: 513-887-3722

  • Soil testing

Groundwater Consortium | Website | Phone: 513-785-2464

Groundwater source delineation, protection, pollution, management, education

Reporting illegal dumping, illicit discharge, or other water pollution issues

  • If you are witnessing an illegal dumping in progress, please call 911

  • If you suspect that the illegally dumped material is hazardous, contact Ohio EPA’s 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline 1-800-282-9378

  • For non-hazardous material, contact Butler County Storm Water District  513-785-4120

  • For jurisdictions outside of Butler County, call the Stormwater Collaborative Hotline 513-946-3999

  • For information on proper waste disposal, contact Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste District 513-887-3653

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