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Pesticide & Fertilizer Applicator Licenses 

ODA Offering Pesticide Applicator License Dates 

Pesticide testing is once again being offered at local offices. Commercial, Private, and Fertilizer testing information can be found online here


Applicator Testing Information 

Private New Applicator

Commercial New Applicator  

Commercial Recertification

Agricultural Fertilizer

Complaint Information

Butler SWCD does not handle applicator licensing, testing, or pesticide drift and off target application investigations. If you have a question about certification refer to the contacts below. If you believe you have been affected by drift or an off target application call the Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer Section at 614-728-6987

Pesticide Complaints


Ohio Pesticide Safety Education Program (OSU)

256 Howlett Hall, 2001 Fyffe Ct

Columbus, Ohio 43210


Pesticide & Fertilizer Section (ODA)

Ohio Department of Agriculture

8995 E Main St Bldg 23


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