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Digital Education Resources

For students, teachers, parents and life long learners! We hope you will find this a helpful resource when looking for digital education tools for youth to learn science, environmental and natural resources, STEM, agriculture, and much more whether it be in a classroom, at home, or outside.

Virtual Conference

Schedule a Virtual Program

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual program, demonstration, or a Q & A session, please email Lynn to discuss options. 

SW Ohio Educator Resource Site

Butler SWCD has partnered with surrounding counties to provide free online resources (videos, lesson plans, quizzes, etc) all aligned to Ohio Learning Standards. Register for this free resource at


Complete Lessons

These lessons are complete with background information (video or a nearpod presentation), at least one main activity, a test, and extension activities. All student handouts and quizzes are provided in google docs for you to save to your own classroom. 

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New - Sustainable water use lesson suitable for 7th grade and high school earth science

Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands

If you look at a creek, it's much more than just a bunch of moving water. There are nooks and crannies under rocks, holes in tree root clumps, and sneaky hiding spots in vegetation. These different areas provide awesome habitat for a wide variety of critters. In this section we have provided information that you can use to head out to a creek and identify the creatures you find.


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Rocks, Soil, & Fossils

Explore the natural resources right around us through these videos and activities.

Visit the resource page.


Videos, blog posts and more about local species found right here in Butler County.

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Composting & Pollinators

Explore the worms and pollinators that visit your school or yard. Find out how to attract more. 

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Scavenger Hunts

Forest, yards, window...

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