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For Schools, Home-school Families, and Youth Groups

With the need to social distance and the cancellation of school programs and the many fun family friendly summer programs we offer, we are developing this new, and ever updating list of activities. It will cover a variety of topics:

  • Creeks and streams - wildlife, pollution, watersheds and more

  • Family fun fridays - ideas from our usual summer partnership programs

  • Composting - worms, decomposition, etc

  • Pollinators and Gardening - planting seeds, making seed bombs, etc

  • Scavenger Hunts - for both at home and when out and about

  • Wonderful Wildlife - videos, ID books, activities, etc all focusing on Ohio wildlife

  • Ohio Fossils - what are fossils, ID sheets, and activities

  • Rock and Soil - get your hands muddy and try these experiments and activities

Creeks Critters

If you look at a creek, it's much more than just a bunch of moving water. There are nooks and crannies under rocks, holes in tree root clumps, and sneaky hiding spots in vegetation. These different areas provide awesome habitat for a wide variety of critters. In this section we have provided information that you can use to head out to a creek and identify the creatures you find.


Identification sheets

Animal Videos: 

Other Videos:

Check out what we found at different creek around the county​

Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands




Family Fun Fridays

With our Family Fun Friday programs being canceled, we are still partnering with OSU Extention and Metroparks of Butler County to provide activity ideas.


Worms are a fun way to teach children about body parts, senses, basic needs and more. You can create a worm bin for long term studies, or collect a few nightcrawlers from your yard.

Scavenger Hunts

We've made a bunch of different scavenger hunts for different locations.

  • Looking Down- go for a hike and focus on the ground. 

  • Sky- see in the sky and the tree tops

  • Staying in Place- find a place to sit outdoors and see what you can see

  • Window - what can you see from your window

  • Creek - what kind of wildlife and wildlife habitat can you find at your local creek?

Wonderful Wildlife





  • Fairfield County Park District (in central, Ohio) has created an amazing series of kids activity sheets on salamanders, fox, woodpeckers, fungus, and more. 

Ohio Fossils




  • Coming soon


Fossil ID Sheet for SW Ohio (pdf)



  • Coming soon

Rocks and Soil





Fossil ID Sheet for SW Ohio (pdf)



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