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The Butler SWCD staff provides guidance and technical assistance to the Butler County Planning and Zoning Department by performing natural resource reviews for subdivisions. Additionally, we are available to conduct plan reviews for township planning and zoning departments. On an individual basis, our specialists can assist county residents with property purchasing due-diligence to help prospective landowners better understand environment-related limitations on a site. 


Regulatory Agencies
For questions related to enforcement and permissible uses, please contact these local regulatory authorities & agencies: 


Butler County Engineers Office Website | Phone: 513-867-5744

  • Erosion & sediment control standards

  • Stormwater infrastructure (culverts, basins, storm drains etc.)

  • Property lines, easements, right-of-ways

Butler County Water & Sewer Department | Website | Phone: 513-887-3066

  • Water utility issues and billing

  • Drinking water and wastewater

Butler County Building and Zoning | Website | Phone: 513-887-3205

  • Zoning, building permits, earth moving permit, lot ESC permit, etc.

  • Floodplain management

Butler County Health Department | Website | Phone: 513-863-1770

  • Septic treatment system issues and testing

  • Well water testing

Butler County OSU Extension Office | Website | Phone: 513-887-3722

  • Tree identification and management 

  • Soil testing

Groundwater Consortium | Website | Phone: 513-785-2464

Groundwater source delineation, protection, pollution, management, education

Report illegal dumping, illicit discharge, or other water pollution issues by visiting the illicit discharge page

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