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Service Projects for Families

Looking for a project where your family can work together, look no further! Butler SWCD holds monthly volunteer events along with storm drain labeling that can be done almost anytime.

Poster Contest

This years theme is "One Water".

Deadline to enter is June 30, 2023.

Find out more on our poster contest page.

Summer Programs, 2023
Conservation Kids Summer Camp

Tuesdays from 10 am - 2 pm

At the Hamilton Ecological Education and Nature Center in Joyce Park.

We will post details for the topics each week by mid-March.

  • June 13 Native Plants and Birds, plant native plants

  • June 20 Dandelion Detectives, collect weed and insect data for Ohio State University.

  • June 27 Learn about water quality with a tour of a water treatment plant, followed by water testing along the Great Miami. We will get in the river to catch critters, so a change of shoes is recommended.

  • July 4 - off for July 4th

  • July 11 Mammals followed by planting of shrubs to provide habitat

  • July 18 Passport to fishing, followed by a litter pickup

  • July 27 - we hope you will join us at the Butler County Fair.


Registration required. Register Here. Registration is first-come, first-served. If you sign up and find you cannot participate, please remove your name from the sign up to let another child attend. 

Allergy & Contact Information  Along with registering on SignUpGenius, we ask parents/guardians to complete this form to provide allergy and contact information. 

Creeking in the Parks

Thursdays at 10 am.

Location changes each week

  • June 1 Rentschler Forest, Reigart Road

  • June 8 Rentschler Forest, Line Hill Mound (pond study)

  • June 15 Elk Creek Metropark, Sebald area (Elk Creek Road)

  • June 22 Gilmore Ponds (wetland wade)

  • June 29 Indian Creek Metropark, Oxford-Reily Road

  • July 6 Forest Run Metropark, Timberman Ridge (pond study)

  • July 13 Four Mile Creek, Antenen Preserve

  • July 20 Governor Bebb Metropark

Partners Butler Soil & Water Conservation District and MetroParks of Butler County will be your hosts for this series. Learn about the animals and fossils found in the creeks, ponds, and wetlands around the county. 

All ages are welcome!

Registration is requested


Appropriate footwear required. No flip flops please.

Passport to Fishing 

Saturday, July 15 from 9 am - 12 noon

At Elk Creek Metropark in Madison Twp

5101 Circle Parkway, Middletown

Ages 8- 17 only

Registration required

New to fishing? Thought of taking the kids out, but haven’t cast your line yet? Join Butler Soil and Water Conservation District and MetroParks of Butler County for Passport to Fishing.


This is a program developed by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. The Division of Wildlife and their trained educators (that’s us!) use its curriculum as a beginning angler program for kids and teens.

Kids will learn the skills needed to fish and get time to practice these newly learned skills at the VOA lake with these trained educators and experienced fishermen and women. These skills include knot tying and rigging, line casting, fish identification, aquatic habitat health, and more!

Registration is REQUIRED for this FREE program and space is limited. The age range for this program is children ages 8-17. Please only register participating children. At least one adult must stay on-site with participating child/children for the duration of the program.

Other Kids Programs

At Butler SWCD, we partner with many other organizations to provide programs including:

West Chester Parks - WOLF programs

Butler SWCD will be there on June 28.

Pyramid Hill - Summer series for kids

On June 30th, at 1 pm. Pyramid Hill.

 Registration is required. Find out more and register at

Liberty Township Parks

Still waiting to find out if we will be partnering with year. Info will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Nature of Kids

Butler SWCD will be a guest presenter on Friday, June 23 at VOA Park. We will have our huge soils trailer and be exploring the world beneath your feet.  10 am 

Register for this free program at

Nature Games and Activities
Sound Maps

What kinds of noises do you hear outside? Sit quietly in one spot and listen carefully. Mark the sounds on a map.  The X on the map represents where you sit. The location of the mark should indicate the direction of the sound and if it is near or far from you. Just use simple marks such as a wavy line for wind, a V shape for a bird calling in flight, etc. 

  • Do you think you will hear the same sounds at home as you do in the park?

  • What sounds might you hear next to a river, or forest?​

  • Do you think the sounds would be the same in the morning as in the evening?

  • What sounds were the most familiar to you?

  • What sound had you never heard before? Do you know what made the sound?

  • What sound did you like best? Why?

Map Making
Map making helps tune up your observation skills and understanding of where you are in relation to the world around you. We have two very different map making activities:

Treasure Maps

Draw a simple map of your yard. Hide a penny or small toy and mark it on your map. See if someone else can find it. 

  • What symbols could you use to show things like a tree or veggie garden?

  • How can someone tell which way the map is facing.

3D Mapmaking

 Instead of simply drawing a map of your yard, make a 3D map using items from outside or inside your house. Use small pebbles to make a rock wall or pine needles to make grass. You could also create a map of your house with blocks, legos, or recyclables. Be creative!

ABC Walk

While on a walk, try to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Try to do this in ABC order. You can also challenge yourself to do this inside or in your backyard.'

Color Walk

How many colors can you find? You can try to search for a rainbow, or even pick some crayons out of a hat and try to find those colors in nature.

Parents can ask at the hardware store if they have old paint chips so that your children can match colors in nature with paint chips. 

You can also try inside each room of your house. This is a great way to test your observation skills.

Nature Words

Do you have a favorite nature item? A rock, a leaf shape, an animal? Choose one natural item and write a descriptive paragraph about it without naming it. Be very detailed. Give your description to someone else and see if they name the object you described. This is a fun activity to try in your yard or at the park where you can describe an item you see and challenge someone to pick out the object that you described.

Creeks Critters

If you look at a creek, it's much more than just a bunch of moving water. There are nooks and crannies under rocks, holes in tree root clumps, and sneaky hiding spots in vegetation. These different areas provide awesome habitat for a wide variety of critters. In this section we have provided information that you can use to head out to a creek and identify the creatures you find.


  • with information on what to find and what to take to the creek

Identification sheets

Animal Videos: 

Other Videos:

Check out what we found at different creek around the county​

Wonderful Wildlife





  • Fairfield County Park District (in central, Ohio) has created an amazing series of kids activity sheets on salamanders, fox, woodpeckers, fungus, and more. 

Scavenger Hunts

We've made a bunch of different scavenger hunts for different locations.

  • Looking Down- go for a hike and focus on the ground. 

  • Sky- see in the sky and the tree tops

  • Staying in Place- find a place to sit outdoors and see what you can see

  • Window - what can you see from your window

  • Creek - what kind of wildlife and wildlife habitat can you find at your local creek?

Rocks and Soil




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