Well Water Testing

If you miss the date of our well water testing event, there are numerous companies that you can work with. Please see our contractors list for their contact information 
Tuesday, March 10, 2020
6 - 8 pm
Collinsville Community Center
5113 Huston Rd, Collinsville
What will be tested:

Nitrates - Takes about 20 minutes to run the sample.

Bacteria (E-coli and total coliforms) Available to the the first 40 participants. You will receive the equipment and instructions for collecting a sample for testing. The water sample will then need to be dropped off in Oxford or Hamilton for testing on your choice of either March 14 or April 11.

Who should participate?
  •   Is your well more than 40 years old?

  •   Is it less than 50 feet deep?

  •   Has it been more than a year since the water was tested?

  •   Does an infant or pregnant women drink the water?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please join us at this event and bring a well water sample.

To collect your well water sample properly:
  •  You can use any clean jar that is free from scratches, soap and food residue on the inside. Or, pick up a jar from Butler SWCD, 1802 Princeton Rd, Hamilton.

  •  Plan to collect the sample as close to the time you bring it to the event as possible.

  •  If you can’t collect the sample within an hour of the event, then keep it chilled, or refrigerate it.

  •  Remove any screen or filter from your faucet.

  •  Run water for five minutes to clear the lines and bring in fresh water.

  •  Do not touch the lip of the jar, inside the jar, or inside of the cap.

  •  Fill the bottle and cap it snugly.



Call Butler SWCD with any questions 513-887-3720



Test Your Well is conducted in partnership with the
Butler & Preble Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Miami U: IES and the Miami Conservancy District

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