Well Water Testing

August 2021

If you miss the date of our well water testing event, there are numerous companies that you can work with. Please see our contractors list for their contact information 
The 2021 event will run a little different from past years...

Part 1: Make an appointment

This year, we ask you to make an appointment with either Butler or Preble SWCD, whichever is easiest for you to visit. During this appointment, we will share with you the correct method to collect a well water sample and provide you with your sampling bottle. 

Appointments can be made from July 12 - August 13. Appointments will be scheduled for  during normal business hours. 

  • Butler SWCD, 1802 Princeton Rd, Hamilton, Oh 45011 (map)  Call 513-887-3720 to make an appointment

  • Preble SWCD, 2789 US-35, West Alexandria, OH 45381 (map)   Call 937-456-5159 to make an appointment

Part 2: Drop off your sample

Saturday August 14, between 10 am and 1 pm

At at Miami University.

There is no need to try and find parking as this is a drive-through event. We will take your sample bottle and paperwork and test the sample.

Your results will either be emailed or mailed to you, whichever you prefer. 

Please note, samples dropped off that are not using the official sample bottle can not be tested for bacteria. 

What will be tested:
  • Nitrates - Nitrogen is essential for all living things, but high levels of nitrate in drinking water can be dangerous to health, especially for infants and pregnant women. (Source: CDC)

  • Bacteria (E-coli and total coliforms) - Fecal coliform bacteria are a specific kind of total coliform. The feces (or stool) and digestive systems of humans and warm-blooded animals contain millions of fecal coliforms. E. coli is part of the fecal coliform group and may be tested for by itself. Fecal coliforms and E. coli are usually harmless. However, a positive test may mean that feces and harmful germs have found their way into your water system. These harmful germs can cause diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. (Source: CDC)

Who should participate?
  •   Is your well more than 40 years old?

  •   Is it less than 50 feet deep?

  •   Has it been more than a year since the water was tested?

  •   Does an infant or pregnant women drink the water?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please join us at this event and bring a well water sample.

Maximum Number of samples:

We have funding to test a maximum of 40 samples for both nitrates and bacteria. 


Call Butler SWCD with any questions 513-887-3720


Test Your Well is conducted in partnership with the
Butler & Preble Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Miami University Institute of Environment and Sustainability, and the Miami Conservancy District