Well Water Testing

2020 Date To Be Decided

What will be tested:

Nitrates - takes about 20 minutes to run the sample.

Bacteria (E-coli and total coliforms) Available to the the first 40 participants. You will receive the equipment and instructions for collecting a sample for testing. The water sample will then need to be dropped off in Oxford for testing on your choice of either April 13 or May 11.

Who should participate?
  •   Is your well more than 40 years old?

  •   Is it less than 50 feet deep?

  •    Has it been more than a year since the water was tested?

  •   Does an infant or pregnant women drink the water?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please join us at this event and bring a well water sample.

To collect your well water sample properly:
  •  You can use any clean jar that is free from scratches, soap and food residue on the inside. Or, pick up a jar from Butler SWCD, 1802 Princeton Rd, Hamilton.

  •  Plan to collect the sample as close to the time you bring it to the event as possible.

  •  If you can’t collect the sample within an hour of the event, then keep it chilled, or refrigerate it.

  •  Remove any screen or filter from your faucet.

  •  Run water for five minutes to clear the lines and bring in fresh water.

  •  Do not touch the lip of the jar, inside the jar, or inside of the cap.

  •  Fill the bottle and cap it snugly.



Call Butler SWCD with any questions 513-887-3720



Test Your Well is conducted in partnership with the
Butler & Preble Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Miami U: IES and the Miami Conservancy District

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