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Culverts carry water under a driveway or through a yard, aiding in drainage and improving curb appeal.



Butler SWCD offers technical recommendations for culvert sizes.  By using our advanced mapping abilities and surveying equipment we are able to obtain the data points needed to calculate culvert sizes on our computer software.

Make an appointment with our office today so we can get the necessary data from you and make a site visit to obtain our proper GPS points.


If you are installing a driveway you need to obtain a permit from the Butler County Engineers office here.

If you are working within the bed of a stream you need to contact the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Cincinnati Office at (513) 851-0611

For more information on streams visit our streams page here.

Culvert size depends on the area and slope of watershed, placement, and expected rainfall.  Culvert sizes are technical recommendations and should not be considered final engineering plans.

For assistance regarding installing a culvert on your property please call our main office at (513) 887-3720 or email us at

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