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Complete Lesson Plans

These lessons are complete with background information (video or a nearpod presentation), at least one main activity, a test, and extension activities. All student handouts and quizzes are provided in google docs for you to save to your own classroom. 

1st Grade: Basic Needs

Trees; Basic needs

Students will be introduced to a plants basic needs, then draw tree ring for the age and describe how they grew

3rd Grade: Soils

The importance of soil

In this lesson students will be introduced to soils, what they are made of, and why they are important. Include bonus soil layers video in the extensions)

4th Grade: Topo Map Skills- Understanding landforms

Topo maps

In this lesson students will be introduced to topographic maps that show the 3D world in 2D. They will create mini maps to help them further understand these maps.

5th Grade: Ecosystem Roles - Beavers

Ecosystem role: Beavers

In this lesson students will be introduced to beavers; experiment with the way they change the environment; learn about keystone species and learn why they are important.

6th Grade: Rock Cycle

Rock cycle

In this lesson students will introduced to rocks and minerals, then they will participate in an activity where they explore the rock cycle

6th Grade: Soil & Technology

Soil and technology (using the web soil survey)

After being introduced to the Web Soil Survey, groups of students will assess the school property from various perspectives looking at potential land uses.

7th Grade: Sustainable Water Use

Sustainable Water

• Discover that some foods

have a lower water footprint

compared to others.

• Determine how each

individual food choice

affects the water availability.

2nd Grade: Changes

Changes: Living things cause changes

Students will understand changes made by both humans and animals, by watching a video about a model.

3rd Grade: Survival and Adaptations

Survival behaviors 

In this lesson students will be introduced to beavers; learn about their life cycle, and find out how they are adapted to their environment.

4th Grade: Landforms- Erosion & deposition

Changing Landforms

In this lesson students will watch a streams table video, to learn the background, then investigate erosion through experiments.

5th Grade: Invasive Species

Coming soon

Students will learn about invasive species in Ohio, characteristics that make species good invaders, factors that can influence plant community assembly, and the role that people play in causing and proliferating invasions.

6th Grade: Soil Texture

Soil texture (properties)

Students will investigate the different soil textures and their importance.

7th Grade: Groundwater


In this lesson students will be introduced to groundwater, its importance, and the issue of contamination.


Lynn White, Education & Volunteer Specialist

Please contact me if you have any questions. If you are a Butler County, Ohio educator, you can also contact me to schedule a virtual or in-person program

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