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Education: Rivers & Wetlands

Creek Critters

If you look at a creek, it's much more than just a bunch of moving water. There are nooks and crannies under rocks, holes in tree root clumps, and sneaky hiding spots in vegetation. These different areas provide awesome habitat for a wide variety of critters. In this section we have provided information that you can use to head out to a creek and identify the creatures you find.



Identification sheets


Animal Videos: 


Other Videos:

Check out what we found at different creek around the county​

Rivers & Wetlands
Other Resources

Project WET
Home and Distance Learning Resources - Project WET wants to ensure that water education continues for people of all ages. They have created a suite of free and discounted resources that educators, parents and children can use to learn about water while meeting standards in math, language arts, science and even fine arts.

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