Fall Tips for a Healthy Lawn and Clean Water

As the temperature begins to drop and the days become shorter, perhaps the last thing on your mind is yard work. Winter is right around the corner, so now is a great time to prepare your yard before the cold and wet months. Here are some tips from Butler Soil and Water Conservation District to ensure a healthy lawn for next year. Leaf management: It may be tempting to let the colorful leaves stay on your lawn for a while, but if you want healthy yard, it is important to prevent them from smothering your lawn as they can eventually damage grass. It is also important to prevent leaves from entering nearby stormwater drains, ditches, and culverts. When leaves enter the stormwater drainage syste

Plastic Water

A recent National Geographic article had a great quote: "If plastic had been invented when the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England, to North America—and the Mayflower had been stocked with bottled water and plastic-wrapped snacks—their plastic trash would likely still be around, four centuries later." There are numerous articles and videos throughout the news and web talking about the problem with plastic pollution. When you peruse many of the articles they like to focus in on one item such as straws or glitter. When we narrow our focus too much, we can no longer see the forest for the trees. If you focus on straws. then it makes people forget about the plastic bottle they just picked up,

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