Call Before You Cut

Timber may not seem a valued resource in Butler County, however there are still hundreds of acres of valuable hardwood forests on private property. Timber harvests should be planned in advance so you aren't left with a mess to clean up on your own, and so that you don't break timber harvest pollution laws. In the world of agricultural pollution abatement there must be a discharge into waters of the state to be a violation. In forestry, simply not following the best management practices set forth by the Ohio Division of Forestry may result in a violation. This is why the Ohio Division of Forestry recommends you consult with one of their state area service foresters or a private forester b

Water Management Using Cover Crops

There are several ways that farmers can manage risks, whether it be crop insurance, spraying fungicide, or using other forms of pest management. It is difficult to prevent against damage by nature, farmers fight nature day in and day out, year to year. However, there is data that proves cover crops could be a perfectly imperfect solution to mitigate against drought, pests, weeds and disease. Without any real hard data to prove our findings we want to share with you some observations on how cover crops can conserve soil moisture. While Sean was flying the drone, I took time to walk in nearby bean fields and check out how the crop was progressing during the late summer. What he found was a

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