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Call Before You Cut

Timber may not seem a valued resource in Butler County, however there are still hundreds of acres of valuable hardwood forests on private property. Timber harvests should be planned in advance so you aren't left with a mess to clean up on your own, and so that you don't break timber harvest pollution laws. In the world of agricultural pollution abatement there must be a discharge into waters of the state to be a violation. In forestry, simply not following the best management practices set forth by the Ohio Division of Forestry may result in a violation. This is why the Ohio Division of Forestry recommends you consult with one of their state area service foresters or a private forester before having a timber harvest processed on your land. Planned timber harvests can result in less damage to your property and forest. Soil and Water Conservation Districts also play a vital role in the timber harvest process. Before all timber sales we recommend you fill out a timber harvest plan and submit it to the district for review and approval by the board of supervisors. Following this timber harvest plan can prevent sediment discharges and forestry pollution violations. In addition, the Ohio Division of Forestry has a list of approved BMP's for logging operations in Ohio. This is a great conservation minded resource for loggers and landowners to make sure they are following the law and leaving a healthy forest for future generations. BMP books, lists of consulting foresters in Ohio, and timber harvest plans can be found on our forestry page.

Check out the following websites for more resources in relation to timber harvests in Ohio.

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