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Invasive Species Awareness

When you hear the words "invasive species", people often think of the Emerald Ash Borer or Asian Longhorned Beetle, these are included in a much larger group of problematic plants, mammals, fish, and insects. Of the over 700 non native species found in the state nearly 100 have moved into our natural ecosystems and begun to take a toll. Invasive species can include plants such as honeysuckle, lesser celandine, and English ivy, or animals such as wild boar, Asian carp, or even the zebra mussel. Invasive species like these can cause millions in damages and harm native ecosystems for generations. It is important to educate the state's citizens on these issues to prevent further spread and motivate them to manage and eradicate these environmental pests.

Starting February 24th Butler SWCD will share five different invasive species on their facebook page in recognition of national invasive species awareness week.

For more information regarding invasive species check out the following pages

Ohio State University

Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

National Invasive Species Awareness Week

US Forestry Service


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