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Apps in Agriculture

Iphone hanging from apple tree.

Technology in agriculture is expanding at a rapid pace. Sub inch accuracy has been achieved with advanced guidance systems, spray droplet sizes can be controlled with the touch of a button. Many applications are also available to provide easy decision making and a literal world of knowledge at your fingertips. Here is a list of smart phone apps available so you don't get left behind this growing season.

Grain Marketing App

Keep track of grain inventory and sales at your fingertips with this helpful app. Click here to learn about how you can track your grain.

When to spray or spread

Detailed, location specific weather forecasts allow farmers the ability to determine if weather conditions allow for spraying of fields or spreading of fertilizers. For more information on how to safeguard your applications click here.

RRXtend Spray App

"The RRXtend Spray App is a farmer- and applicator-focused digital tool that provides location-specific weather forecasts, digital record-keeping capabilities and education resources related to the Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System." To see how you can integrated the RoundUp Ready Xtend spray app into your spray program visit their website here.

Nutrient ROI Calculator

Select data based on your current soil test, type of crop, potential yield goals, and average soil test level to determine what return on investment nutrients will have on your farm. To take the next step in calculating your ROI visit the webpage here.

Plant Identification App

Use this App to identify different plants and weeds on your farm. To download this useful crop scouting asset click here.

Field Scouting App

Spensa Technologie’s, openscout software was acquired by DTN in March of 2018. Openscout is a filed scouting tool that allows farmers to track and document problems in the field by dropping pins to mark locations, taking pictures of potential issues, and taking notes.

To learn more about this virtual field scout assistant visit DTN.

USDA News Reader

Stay up to date with the most recent news from the USDA with this new app.


Stay up to date with the industry’s most recent news and alerts at AGWeb.

Listing of an app does not constitute an endorsement by Butler SWCD

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